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Our Story

As a brand, Advanced ERP has been offering independent advice and innovative ERP and related solutions for New Zealand businesses since 2006.

As a team, we’ve been delivering these services and solutions since well before then.

Between them, the current team at Advanced ERP has over 60 years of experience in business I.T. solutions covering a wide range of industries and technologies.

Today, we also partner with a number of other organisations to provide the best service we can to our customers.

What makes us different

We’re local, independent, and owner-operated.

We’re not afraid to tackle new things.

We’re also not afraid to tackle old things.

Our experience is broad-based, covering a wide range of industries, from food manufacturing, to metal fabrication, to injection moulding, to appliance distribution, to electronics service and repair. You name it, there’s more than a fighting chance we’ve dealt with it, or at least something similar.

We also work with a wide range of business size, from a single-user retail store, to multi-national companies with hundreds of staff.

About this web site

Most technology-related web sites display pictures of computers and related paraphernalia. If you’re anything like the team at Advanced ERP, you’d rather be looking at the amazing scenery that New Zealand has to offer.

Our goal as a business is to help you spend less time working, and more time playing. We trust that the pictures will inspire you to let us do that for you.

All of the images on this web site have been taken in New Zealand by the amateur photographers at Advanced ERP, and are Copyright © 2020 Advanced ERP Ltd.