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ERP and Financial Systems Support

Our core business is supporting our customers’ ERP and financial systems.

We supply and support a number of ERP solutions (see our Products page), but also have experience with some other systems that we may be able to offer advice on, if you’re looking for independent advice. Some of the ERP-related services we provide:

  • Migration to new systems
  • Integration with external systems
  • Extraction of reports

Software Development

We can offer general Microsoft .NET-based software development services, not limited to the products we sell. 

In particular, we have strong skills in refreshing ageing home-grown software. If you have a Windows-based app that was written for you years ago that’s mostly working but could use a makeover, we may be able to help if you still have the source code. Sometimes we can help even if you don’t have the source code.

General SQL Server Support

The key ERP systems we support use Microsoft SQL Server as their database engine. But SQL Server is used for many other systems, and good support for SQL Server can be hard to find.

Our lead technical consultant has over 20 years experience supporting SQL Server in a range of applications from high-end ERP systems  down to home-grown line-of-business applications. 

If you have a performance problem, or a query that’s not returning the right results, or otherwise not working right any more, maybe we can help.