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Small businesses

Have you:

  • Outgrown your paper- or spreadsheet- based systems?
  • Been hampered by the lack of functionality in your cloud-based accounting package?
  • Become frustrated by the lack of functionality in your existing non-cloud accounting package?
  • Found that you have business processes that your existing system can’t model?
  • Need for a basic retail system that can handle inventory properly?

Larger businesses

Already have an ERP system?

  • Is it bulky and cumbersome?
  • Is support excessively costly?
  • Do you pay to get a simple question answered over the phone?
  • Is customising it to suit your business complicated and expensive?
  • Does customising it require special skills and training?
  • Is upgrading to a new version going to cost as much as a new system?

Don't have an ERP system yet?

Are you looking for a solution that:
  • Won’t break the bank?
  • Is flexible and easy to customise?
  • Doesn’t require you to be tied to “the cloud”?
  • Allows you to choose between different licensing models?
  • Offers web or Windows™ clients?
  • Is modular with a range of integration options?