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Consulting and Contracting Opportunities


The systems we support have low maintenance requirements once installed. This means that there is not always billable work to do, and so we are very light on full-time staff.

However, we do have short-term implementation projects where additional people and skills would help deliver better value to our customers. And as demand for the products we support is growing, these projects are becoming more frequent.

What kind of people are we after?

Firstly, if you want to work for a boss, we are probably not a good fit.

We are looking to build a network of self-motivated freelancers. Whether already self-employed, moonlighting with an understanding employer, semi-retired, fully retired, or who recently took a redundancy and can afford to take time to consider their options.

If you enjoy variety and can cope with fully flexible work arrangements and the associated variable income, we might be a good fit.

While there will be the occasional deadline, you would be completely responsible for managing your own time and invoicing us appropriately. You must have your own equipment (we can advise on options if necessary).

Remuneration is negotiable, but all work would be on a contract basis. Depending on the customer, the project, and your preference, we can work with fixed-price or time-and-material contracts. For the right person, we may entertain a small retainer.  And in some cases, we may just refer you to our customer so that we’re not getting in the way.

What skills could we use?

Ideally, you will have some experience with SYSPRO ERP and/or Jiwa Financials. But if you have experience with other ERP or accounting software in a manufacturing or distribution environment, and you’re willing to learn, we can work with that, too.

If you’re a business analyst, project manager, accountant, bookkeeper, factory manager, logistics manager, systems consultant, or software developer. Or you have other experience in manufacturing or distribution businesses and systems, then we may have opportunities for your skills on specific projects.

We are interested in talking to people with skills in the following areas:

  1. Current or former users of SYSPRO and/or Jiwa who can teach other people how to use the platforms.
  2. Factory management, including production planning and monitoring.
  3. Logistics and/or warehouse management.
  4. Accounting/bookkeeping/AP/AR, with experience in manufacturing and/or distribution.
  5. Software development on Windows using VBScript, XML and XSL, SQL Server, and the .NET Framework (C# or VB). Maybe some basic web development.
  6. Project management for software implementations.
  7. Documentation – producing user manuals and training materials for business processes.

If you’re a developer, you will need to be comfortable working within the mature APIs and frameworks offered by the ERP platforms that we support. As a rule, we do not operate with the latest tools or write whole programs from scratch – we don’t write “cool apps”, we provide tools that make or save our customers money.

You must be based in New Zealand or Australia, and we must be able to meet you in person over coffee. You must be fluent in English with excellent writing skills and be comfortable talking about your subject matter to our customers. You must be willing to agree to an NDA and to comply with our standard terms and conditions.

If this sounds like something that could work for you, feel free to drop a note to opportunities at and tell us a) about yourself and what you might bring to the table, and b) tell us a little bit about SYSPRO and Jiwa, both the companies and their software, so that we know that you understand the mission. Please do not send us a resumé or C.V. with your introduction.

Please note that we are not interested in hiring from off-shore firms, or from agencies. We are looking for like-minded, free-thinking individuals.